You haven’t been there, until you’ve been there on foot!

Discover La Gomera's north coast - hike with Timah   La Gomera hike through the national park (Garajonay) with Timah   La Gomera island tour - discover the highlights by coach

Hiking is wellness – for body and soul!

Feel your movements and follow your steps with all senses! Enjoy your speed – or make it a challenge: The decision is up to you!

Discover La Gomera with Timah step by step, experience by experience!

Follow old shepherds’ paths, experience wild nature and breathtaking landscapes, be amazed by sublime views of valleys and cliffs.

Enjoy the calmness by yourself or enjoy the society of others. And finally let yourself be enchanted by the Canary kitchen!

Hiking on La Gomera with Timah!

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